Needed a new card holder and found an excuse to drag Mum into Bonia. Finally caved in and succumbed to the temptation! My first purchase from #Bonia in #BedokMall ! (at Bedok Mall)

Needed a new card holder and found an excuse to drag Mum into Bonia. Finally caved in and succumbed to the temptation! My first purchase from #Bonia in #BedokMall ! (at Bedok Mall)

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I woke up with a smile on my face.
Dragged a bag, as heavy as case.
And I am off like a woman on a mission.
Difference is, I am excecuting a vision.

Something I have yearned for years.
But destituted to tears.

I am going back to school!
Because I am nobody’s fool.

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I am a dreamer
I dream
For love to mean unification
For hatred to diminish
For envy to be a thing of the past
For criticisms to be a positive encouragement

I dream
For perfection in all imperfections
Acceptance and willingness in our hearts

I dream for a better tomorrow
For the better of all

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What does it mean to miss?
To cry in silence
Nights prolong their darkness
Days just fade away
Yearning for that silent smile
Once mutually greeted
Now redundant with gradual absence
Closing their doors as they leave
Ignorant to the speaking eyes
That told of yesterday’s tales
Of intimate sunsets
Of planes and stars
Of beach benches
Of hilltop strolls
When time stood waiting
When nothing mattered

So what does it mean to miss?

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Bedtime Rant

Tumbling thoughts, emotions confuse
Tugging the heartstrings, it feels surreal.
The warmth of words one can’t refuse
From a perfect stranger, now what’s the deal?
Was it the smile? No, he showed little
Or maybe the eyes? She can’t be sure
But he has stolen that heart, so brittle.
Does this mean that there is a cure?
A cure to mend a cold, stoned affection
That ceased to exist, once broken before.
Still lost and bewildered, she asks this question.
Is he the one she’ll care for and adore?

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Hope Again. Hope Harder.

Plant a seed of hope, with faith one basks in.
Optimisms raised, suppress the angsts within.
Retract all negative vibes, rejoice to distractions to good.
Embrace the sad remorses, let love be one’s soul food.
Alas! This imperfection! Surrounded in desolation.
Reclined to life’s repression, thus make way to restitution.

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so simple yet complicated
so profound yet superficial
what happened to true beauty?
& love’s first sight?

tearing the walls of frustrations
but stumbled into a rut of despair..
giving up on the hopes of all’s fair,
curse the wretched destine laid forth
pointless anger vent in vain..

what more can i do..?

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She lays, plugged in to drown out the screams.
Her mind in chaos, thoughts cramming her space.
She tips on her toes, balanced on the beam.
Facing each day, subconsciously normally dazed.
Her heart too heavy for her to shoulder.
Her lips are bound to supress her rage.
Taken in too much because of others.
Too old to grow, too young to age.
Nothing can shut out the screams.
Nobody can keep out the thoughts.
She longs to live in her dreams.
With nothing ever to sought.
Just once, be free of trouble.
Just once, be at calm and peace.
Live a life through a perfect bubble
Of quiet, unerractic ease.

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